You are here: Home Conférence internationale : " Welcome to higher education ? New and potential students in England and France" Lyon, 1er avril 2020 - [ ANNULÉE ]

Conférence internationale : " Welcome to higher education ? New and potential students in England and France" Lyon, 1er avril 2020 - [ ANNULÉE ]

Welcome to higher education? New and potential students in England and France

 International conference



1st April 2020 – Espace Marc Bloch, MSH Lyon St-Etienne, 14 avenue Berthelot 69 007 LYON 


This one-day international conference brings together higher education researchers based in France and the UK on the topic of “welcoming/accueil“- who is welcomed and how students are supported in their transitions to university. It is organised by the research project “L’accueil des nouveaux étudiants en Europe : comparaison France-Angleterre”, which investigates practice and openness to incoming students in both countries (ECP research laboratory, Université Lumière Lyon 2). The conference language will be English.

The conference will explore the notion of “welcome” at university in its broader sense, including practical and pedagogical support offered to first-year students and students on international mobility programmes. It will reflect on the role of higher education institutions and transnational organisations in defining and attending to the needs of students in France and the UK. A key question for the conference relates to the discursive process of inclusion/exclusion of students and would-be students, in the context of increasing internationalisation of education and growing managerialism and marketisation of universities – the current legislative draft of the French national research programme (Loi de programmation pluriannuelle de la recherche) seems to be an example of these processes.



9.30-10.00 Tea and coffee 

10.00-10.15 Opening remarks by Stephane Simonian, Université Lumière Lyon 2

10.15-11.00 Agnès van Zanten, CNRS-Sciences Po Paris: ‘Gatekeeping through marketing discourses in an era of more open gates to higher education: websites, open doors and higher education fairs in France’

11.00-11.30 Stephen Parker, University of Glasgow: ‘Theorising student transition and aspiration and as capabilities for navigating education systems’

11.30-12.00 Germán Fernandez-Vavrik, Université Lumière Lyon 2: ‘”Welcome practices” for incoming undergraduates in France and England. Knowledges and circulations at stake’

12.00 – 12.30 Questions for the panel (Agnès van Zanten, Stephen Parker and Germán Fernandez-Vavrik) chaired by Anna Mazenod

12.30-14.00 Lunch break

14.00-14.30 Marie-Pierre Moreau, Anglia Ruskin University: ‘Carers in academia: In/visibilities, mis/recognition and hierarchies of care’

14.30–15.00 Ursula Wingate, King’s College London: ‘Welcome to academic literacy? The need for a curriculum-integrated instructional approach’

15.00-15.30 Claire Polo, Université Lumière Lyon 2: 'Getting out of the maze, up the stairs or growing flowers...: new students' perception of the road to success as they evolve in the CLEFS programme'

15.30-16.00 Anna Mazenod, Université Lumière Lyon 2: ‘The discourse of welcome in university websites and representations of students and student life in England and France’

16.00-16.30 Questions for the panel (Marie-Pierre Moreau, Ursula Wingate, Claire Polo and Anna Mazenod) chaired by Germán Fernandez-Vavrik


The conference is free to attend. Confirm your attendance by email to the event organizer: