The team

The leaders of the project have already experience on the issues regarding the production of the contemporary city, the vertical city, and the transformation of public spaces. The research team they are gathering will involve geographers, architects, urbanists, economists, anthropologists, philosophers and engineers in the construction of a common space of debate through regular meetings.

In order to be the most efficient and to deliver the most, the partnership is built around two institutions only: USP in Brazil, and Université de Lyon (Lyon2) in France, with collaborations with practitioners such as the Agence d’Urbanisme de Lyon and Municipal Agency in São Paulo (Secretaria Municipal de Desenvolvimento Urbano). This shows that the project is both international and deeply rooted at a local level.

In Lyon 2, three research laboratories are involved. The core one, and only one asking for funding, is the UMR 5600 EVS, through two components, the IRG – Institut de Recherches Géographiques- which will manage the project, and the ISIG (Imagerie et Systèmes d’Information Géographique) platform for Hélène Mathian. The other research laboratories are the CMW (Centre Max Weber), for Loïc Bonneval and Aurélien Gentil, and the CREA (Centre de Recherches et d’Etudes Anthropologiques) for Bianca Botea.

In Brazil, at USP, one research laboratory and one research center are involved, respectively LEAUC (Contemporary Urban Studies Environment Laboratory /IAU-USP) and NAPUrb (Research Center Urbanization and Mundialization / USP). As members of the team other important researchers will take part on the work, as Professors Marcio Minto e Ruy Sardinha Lopes – Professor Julio Arroyo, from FADU-UNL (Santa Fe, Argentine) in Work tasks 3, 4 and Transversal Tasks 2 and 3. São Paulo’s Municipal Agency’s (SMDU) institutional contribution will take place in two different forms: one, supplying the necessary data and, eventually, helping the development and/or assessment of theoretical framework to specific data and parameters; and, participating in key moments of discussion, specifically in workshops and seminars.

Detailed presentation of the research team :

French team 

Brazilian team