Transversal Task 3

Theoretical workshops and conference (2017-2019)

Objectives: This transversal task consisting of workshops will follow the course of the project and interact with tasks 1-4. The purpose of TT3 is to elaborate a common language between researchers coming from different disciplinary backgrounds. It then intends to gather and articulate the findings of the project and discuss them in the light of inclusiveness and the “right to the city”.

The first mission of the task is to formalize inclusiveness in the making and living of the high-rise city. Our proposal is to draw on the set of guiding ideas developed by Henri Lefebvre’s “right to the city” and the spatial justice literature.

The second mission consists in discussing the socio-political risks associated with high-rise making and living: political alienation, segregation and the socio-spatial fragmentation of the city at different scales and time. The theoretical workshops will shed a new light on the following theories: the contemporary evolution public space and domain (Arendt; Tassin; Alves 2015, 2016) and privately owned public spaces7 (Garret 2015), dwelling and “ecological” approach (Ingold 2000) applied to urban spaces ; place attachment (Manzo and Devine-Wright 2013, Botea, Rojon 2015); ordinary citizenship (Neveu and Carrel 2014).

The third mission is dedicated to the organization of the international conference that will be held in Sao Paulo at the end of the project. Preparations will include the definition of the scientific committee, themes, sessions, invited key-notes, but also logistical issues regarding the event. Persons in charge: Manoel Alves (USP), Christian Montès (EVS-IRG, geographer). All members of the consortium are invited to the workshops with invited scholars such as philosophers and sociologists. Methods: Three workshops will be held parallel to the work tasks and the practitioner-researcher workshops (TT2) all along the project.

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