Transversal Task 1

Coordination (2017-2019)

Since it is meant as a multidisciplinary and collaborative research, a specific task is devoted to HIGH-RISE’s management, transversal   task 1. The task will coordinate the relationships with the practitioners who are collaborating to the project, plan the recruitments, and valorize results. It will also bridge researchers located far away from each other, in Brazil and Lyon.

A steering committee will be set up. It will be convened at the beginning of the project to remind the objectives, the working, the coordination, and the deliverables of each task. It will be held every year to monitor the advancement of the research. Person in charge: the constitution of the steering committee answers two imperatives :

  • Efficiency: 2 persons only (Christian Montès, Manoel Alves). It will alternately be held in Lyon and Sao Paulo,
  • Representativity: the committee is made of members belonging to the two main partners (EVS- Lyon2, USP)

Deliverables: Project steering

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