Transversal Task 2

Academic – practitioners workshops (2017-2019)

Objectives: Our objective here is to bring together the two different “worlds” of academic and practitioners to create the conditions of a dialogue around the issues of high-rise building and living. The workshops are first intended to create a common language, then to define the specific case studies that researchers will investigate and to finally discuss the societal stakes of high-rise living and building. Researchers will gain knowledge of the planning framework and of the context in which residential high-rises are proposed and built. In return, practitioners will gain from the theoretical framework of the research but also from the main findings of the project.

The final aim of the task is to co-construct with practitioners, a set of recommendations for planning residential high-rises in an inclusive way. Person in charge: Natalia Fillod-Barbarino and Richard Nordier (Agence d’urbanisme de Lyon) for the Lyon Workshop and Marcel Fantin (IAU-USP) and Carolina Heldt (Secretaria de Urbanismo, São Paulo) for the Sao Paulo Workshop. All researchers are invited to take part in the two workshops.

Methods: One workshop held in Lyon and organized by Agence d’Urbanisme, and the one in Sao Paulo, organized by the Urbanism Agency.

Deliverables: interviews of the practitioners on the project’s website and recommendations for planning inclusively residential high-rises. Risks: difficulties to find a common ground. But there is already some experience in doing so (ANR SKYLINE) with tested modalities of dialogue around game play etc.

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